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About Rebekah Sosa

Looking for a Realtor who will bring the heart back into home buying and selling for you?  Look no further!  That’s what I do best. My name’s Rebekah Sosa.  I’m a wife, a mother of four teenage and young adult children, and a very involved participant in nonprofits serving the Latino and underprivileged communities of Lake Norman, including Feliz Navidad Lake Norman, an event I oversee yearly. 

Prior to a career in Real Estate, I was a teacher for twenty years.  It was an enormous privilege serving hundreds of families and loving and teaching so many children in our community! Service to others started at a young age in my life.  I grew up helping my parents in feeding centers, dental hygiene programs, in bilingual schools, and even through living and working in a home for abandoned children and orphans in South America.

My motto, “Real Estate With Heart”, is something I live by.  To me, buying and selling property is all about the PEOPLE involved in a transaction.  I put my heart into every single transaction, no matter the price because a home is about love, acceptance, peace, and joy; and no matter what needs to be done to make your home be these things–I will do it! My specialty is problem solving, and this is very key when seeing a contract through to closing.  I’ve had issues from radon mitigation to lead paint, from liens on titles to lenders not being able to track down HR or rental verification from property management companies, from estates to foreclosures, from active service military closing on loans from abroad to nightmare appraisals and inspections, from oil tanks to structural problems, all of which I’ve been able to resolve and get the best outcome possible for my clients. 

My goal is to treat you the way YOU want to be treated.  I am approachable.  I am accessible.  I will treat you with respect and confidentiality and actively listen to your desires and needs and help make those a possibility.  You will find a friend in me and someone who values your needs and respects your wishes.

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